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Katix embedded linux distribution 02.11.2004

Kate Alhola 2004

Katix embedded Linux development platform. Motorola Lite5200 EVB with Fujitsu CoralB EVB running X11(XFree86 4.4) From Katix embedded Linux Flash filesystem Image and Opera. Logitech wireless USB keyboard and mouse as input devices for the mpc5200 board. Also in picture ITI5200 derivative PCI104 MPC5200 board.

ITI5200 and ITI CoralB display adapter running Katix Embedded Linux

Katix embedded linux distribution is based on DENX embedded linux distribution for Freescale embedded PPC processors. As development environment, the DENX ELDK is used. The Katix embedded linux filesystems are based on ELDK and Yellow dog linux.

Katix embedded linux kernel is Denx DENX linuxppc_2_4_devel kernel with numerous additions and small fixes.

  • ITIPower5200 board support
  • SPI subsystem
  • MMC/SD card subsystem
  • Additional I2C drivers
  • New frame buffer drivers 64x128 SPI 800x600 FPGA and Rage Mobility
  • Most recent MTD subsystem from
Katix embedded linux flash filesystem images
  • Minimum image for command line and ip network based use
  • Graphical with Embedded QT / Qtopia
  • Graphical with X11 and QT

Quick install howTo

Quick howto about installing patches and compiling kernel

Katix embedded linux kernel

Katix embedded linux kernel can be loaded from downloads section. There is acailable full source tree snapshots, compiled uImages for iti5200 and derivatives and diffs agains denx kernel tree ( 20.8.2004 there is raw diff also available against current denx tree. It is not yet completelly cleaned up )

ITIPower5200 board support

ITIpower5200 board support adds new target board in platforms/machine type with CONFIG_ITI5200 The iti5200 support contais support for numerous customer tailored iti5200 derived boards. Iti5200 support is based on Freescale Icecube with following additions.

  • iti5200 Nand flash support ( memory mapped, faster acces than i/o port )
  • DS1307 RTC support
  • PCA9554 I2C IO port support
  • TSC2301 Audio codec/Touch screen/sustem DAC support ( coming soon )
  • SPI connected MMC support ( coming soon )
  • SPI connected graphic LCD support (coming soon )
  • PCI connected open cores frame buffer based LCD support ( coming soon )
  • Added some missing processor internal register definitions to include/asm-ppc/mpc5xxx.h

SPI subsystem

SPI subsystem. Newly developped generic interface for SPI devices. Structure is similar with I2C subsystem. . Enhacments for Chip select handling, mpc5200 driver for both PSC/DMA and non DMA spi controller will be added. In current tree the subsystem is existing but target drivers need work

MMC subsystem

MMC/SD subsystem in merged from ARM linux tree. Target driver for MMC to work with SPI subsystem.

Additional I2C drivers

Extra i2c drivers is added from other kernel trees and some new will be written
  • DS1307 Real time clock
  • PCA9554 I2C i/o port

New frame buffer drivers

Support for new frame buffer devices. In addition to Fujitsu Coral B from Denx, there will be support for SPI conencted small graphical LCD displays, FPGA based memory mapped frame buffer and Ati Rage Mobility support

Katix embedded linux filesystem images

Katix embedded linux filesystem images can be loaded from downloads section. There is acailable both jffs2 images and tar.bz2 files

Minimum image for command line and ip network use

This is ready made image when no graphical display is needed and amount of used memory is critical. This filesystem image is available in couble of days when i got decided what parts i like to include on it.

Graphical with Embedded QT / Qtopia

Graphical image with embedded QT / Qtopia offers relativelly compact memory usage with all QT features. At the moment when only Fujitsu CoralB framebuffer driver is available, embedded QT is tested but need little hacking to get working with little endian Coral B. This image will be provided when other frame buffer devices are ready and/or modifications to embedded QT si done.

Graphical with X11 and QT

This image is based on XFree86 4.4 that can be downloaded as separatelly from downloads. This flash image contais striped down version of above XFree86 4.4 and QT libraries. This filesystem image is under testing and sqezzing to fit as flash image.

Version history

  • 18.8.2004 Initial version
  • 20.8.2004 Added tree synchronized with current denx tree and patches against denx tree
  • 23.8.2004 Added u-boot-20040823.tgz u-boot with iti5200, nand flash and ds1307 rtc support
  • 23.8.2004 Added minifs-20040823.jffs2 mini filesystem jffs2 image
  • 2.11.2004 Added clened up patches against recent denx linuxppc tree
  • 2.11.2004 Added installation tutorial