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Cumulus for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet


The goal is to make a port of  Cumulus for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. See screenshots

Original Cumulus was made for Qtopia and iPaq that has a low-resolution 240x320 display.

The 770 has high resolution 800x480 touch screen, RS-MMC memory card, Wlan, Bluetooth
and USB connectivity. The device is relativelly low cost, around 350Euro in beginning of 2006.
The device is suplied as native Linux platform and it is available most parts of the world through Nokia
supply channels (Nokia web store). The 770 is compatible with populas Nokia accessories like batteries and battery chargers

The Nokia 770 uses X11 and Gnome based Maemo. Using X11 instead Qt/embedded allow
to use mixed Qt , Gnome/Maemo and other X11 applicatios.

The Nokia 770  is based on open source components and open development environment can be loaded
from Maemo web site.

All these reasons makes 770 as ideal platform for Cumulus port. Widely available low cost
Nokia brand device with excelent features.

Porting Cumulus

To port Cumulus, the first thing was make it using normal Qt/X11 3.x instead Qtopia Qt/e 2.x
Thhe porting from Qt/e 2.x to Qt/x11 was really small work. Emulationg Qutopia
functions Qtopia emulation ( or stub ) layer was needed. The following table contains
porting steps and their current status. 

Port Qt/X11 3.3 for Nokia 770 dome
Port to Qt/X11 3.3 done
Qtopia emulation laye 90% done
Maemo input method support for  Qt/X11 alpha version  done
Addjust GUI for 770 display Some basic thnig done
lot of adjustments need to
be done
Add support of missing airspace
elements like VFR reporting points, VOR and NDP
not yet started
Add parameters for diferent motor powered aircrafts not yet started
Easy bluetooth GPS support not yet started
Map drawing speedup not yet started

Current branch

The current status of porting is that i have running version in real 770 as addition
running version in scratchbox based development. In this phase, the main goal is to
get everything working and I have NOT even tried to integrate these changes to
main branch. At the moment i have my own 770 development branch and
i don't know how or when it will be integrated to main branch.

Source and binary download releases

I will release first version as just source tarbal when i get some major features
tested and enough working. The tarball is intended mostly for other developpers.
If there is some others that have intrest to participate 770 development, i consider
setting up publih cvs or svn access.

When i have got first enough working version, i will release install package for 770
that is first alpha version for users.