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Katix EFIS and Engine monitor for Nokia 770 and Nokia N800

Katix efis 770
The first generation Internet tablet, Nokia 770 on picture.
The  Katix-EFIS ( Electronic Flight Information System ) & Katix-Enginemonitor for Linux/Maemo based Nokia N800.
Katix-EFIS is based Open source Linux / Gnome / Maemo tools.

The N800 like previous 770 has high resolution 800x480 touch screen, SD/RS-MMC memory card, Wlan, Bluetooth
and USB connectivity. The device is relativelly low cost, around 399Euro in beginning of 2007.
The device is suplied as native Linux platform and it is available most parts of the world through Nokia
supply channels (Nokia web store). The N800 is compatible with populas Nokia accessories like batteries
and battery chargers

The Nokia N800  is based on open source components and open development environment can be loaded
from Maemo web site.

All these reasons makes N800 as ideal platform for Katix-EFIS. Widely available low cost
Nokia brand device with excelent features.

Katix-EFIS features

  • Airspeed indicator ( IAS) 
  • Altitude indicator
  • Variometer
  • Articifical horizon
  • Compass
  • GPS-based VOR indicator

Project language of choice is C. Drawing is done with Xlib and user interface with Gtk+/Hildon framework.

Katix Engine Monitor features

Fully configurable gauges, e.g. oil temperature, coolant temperature, engine rpm, fuel flow, carburetor intake temperature etc.

Projects' sitse

Latest source, news, binaries, screenshots etc. are available from projects' sites (see links below)

Developer information

Commits require joining the project.

Katix-EFIS: svn checkout --username developername

Katix-Enginemonitor: svn checkout --username developername

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